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CEO Coaching

Sessions based on CEO areas of concern. We smooth out the bumps!

  • 2 hr
  • $175/HR (2 Hour Min)
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

"If the axe is dull, and it's edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success" -Ecclesiastes 10:10 We all get into a rut. We all unintentionally allow the Issues of the day to dictate our efforts. How often do you wake up with a great plan only to find yourself putting out fires all day? Are you feeling worn down by having to react to one crisis after another? This is called reactive management. Sharpen Your Axe will provide you with a proven process that will put you back in charge of your time! Asking for organizational assistance is not an act of weakness, but a true sign of leadership strength. While SYA does not have all of the answers, we recognize that YOU DO. It's our responsibility to listen to the issues you want to improve on, and observe how these issues affect your day. You already have the answers, as no one understands your business like you do. We mine those solutions through observation and compile a written process for each area of concern that will transform your day from reactive to proactive. You dictate your day. When you are free to accomplish all of those things you intended when you woke up, additional success becomes a natural occurrence. You go home feeling accomplishment, and wake up refreshed. Have you ever heard the saying "I've forgotten more than you'll ever know"? Your experience is your axe. Let's sharpen it!

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is simple. We respect each other's time and schedule! We have all heard the saying "time is money". A full schedule is important for any business, and we all deserve the opportunity to maximize our time/schedule ratio. In the event that a scheduling change is necessary, SYA reserves the right to to charge a 50% rescheduling fee if a change request occurs 10 calendar days or less from the appointment time agreement. If SYA requests a scheduling change, a 50% discount will be provided for the services required for the original appointment and will be provided in full at that discounted fee at the earliest agreed upon date.

Contact Details


Raleigh, NC, USA

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