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Time Is Money

Updated: May 16, 2022

Ask yourself this question. ON YOUR DEATHBED, would you rather have more time, or more money? We have now established that time has more value than money. This is an important rule for optimized business success. High employee turnover is the #1 killer of valuable time. The time it takes to orientate a new employee, train them for their new role, become comfortable with your business culture, and form new friendships is usually at least a 90 day process. Your company foots the bill for this time of uncertainty. Every moment a new employee uses to ask questions of another employee in order to do their job better in the long run is not wasted time, but is in fact a legitimate cost to the business in productivity. Notice the term used in the last sentence, "the long run". Read this carefully. "the long run" only matters if you make it part of your business success plan to execute a process to hire, train, and retain the right candidate for each position that minimizes employee turnover. Placing value on the time it takes to hire the right person for "the long run" increases overall company cohesion and productivity , and by default creates a well oiled process for higher retained earnings. Simple math, less employee turnover = higher profits.

Sharpen Your Axe provides your company with a written and proven process specifically designed for your company's immediate and future success.

Contracting SYA in the short run is time well spent for "the long run"!



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